About the Author - Gail Voisin

Gail Voisin is a trusted Advisor to High Performers - primarily Corporate Executives and High Potential Candidates - around issues of Leadership, Personal/Organizational Effectiveness and Wellness.

As CEO of her organization, Gail is a World Class Executive Coach, Speaker, Educator, Author and expert on Executive/Leadership Development, Lifestyle Management/Wellness, Data Driven Succession Planning and Strategic Business Planning. In working with senior management in the areas of Vision, Leadership and Wellness, she integrated and linked these three areas with their Strategic Business Plans to measure and report on Return on Investment (ROI).

Gail has more than 20 years of experience in senior management positions in Organization Development, Human Resources and Corporate Coaching in the consumer packaged goods, retail, high tech, utilities/energy, broadcasting, sports/entertainment, hospitality, manufacturing, financial services industries, and more. Since 1997, she operated a highly successful coaching and consulting practice dedicated to two areas:
  1. One-on-one coaching in Executive/Leadership Development and Lifestyle Management/Wellness to maximize their performance, find purpose and passion, and achieve better work-life integration.
  2. Consulting to organizations in Data Driven Succession Planning and Strategic Business Planning to achieve their desired organizational outcomes.
She is one of the first Corporate Organization Development Specialists in Canada to design and incorporate health and wellness into corporate core management development programs, connecting work-life integration with increased productivity and Return on Human Assets (ROI) for the organization.

With the insight that Corporate Executives need to ensure clarity and focus, she has always known intuitively when and how to support and challenge her clients to achieve life-changing results. Gail is known for her innovative ideas and perspectives, her open mind, and her unswerving ability to provide candid feedback to positively impact individuals and organizational results.

As a graduate of University of Western Ontario, she holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree and held a Certified Human Resources Professional designation (CHRP) at the Leadership level (CHRL) for over 20 years. She is an honorary recipient of an award in the high tech industry for Outstanding Performance in Human Resource Leadership by Dr. A. Wang (Hall of Fame).

She was certified in Emotional Intelligence (Dr. Reuven Bar-On) and completed additional courses in finance, organizational behavior, and international career transition. Other programs included Board Governance (Banff Executive Leadership Inc.), Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (Meditation) Program (Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D.), and Quantum Physics and Neuroscience of Mindcause and Effect (Dr. Joe Dispenza, D.C.).

Gail studied human anatomy and physiology, taught physical fitness for seven years, and completed extensive research on stress management and work-life integration. To enhance overall quality and longevity of life, she recently completed her Certification in Nordic Pole Walking. This further demonstrates her commitment to the Lifestyle Management component of her key message about personal and organizational wellness.

Her book "All Together Now - Vision, Leadership and Wellness" was published by Dundurn Press in print and E-book in 2011; however, after eight years of success with her book, it was perfect timing for a transition and Gail self-published the Second Edition of her E-book in early 2020.
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Gail Voisin Executive Coaching
Gail Voisin is a World Class Executive Coach, Speaker, Educator, Author and Expert on:
  • Executive/Leadership Development
  • Lifestyle Management/Wellness
  • Succession Planning
  • Strategic Business Planning

To align Vision, Leadership, and Wellness to achieve extraordinary success and live The All Together Now Advantage®.

Trust, Integrity, Respect and Innovation are the bedrock of Gail's Value system.

To Further Inspire and Influence her Clients and Readers to Achieve Extraordinary High Levels of Effectiveness in their Personal and Business Life.