Client Endorsements

Clients are primarily Corporate Executives and High Potential Candidates in Fortune 500 and 1000 organizations. They are from industries such as Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, High Tech, Utilities/Energy, Broadcasting, Sports/Entertainment, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Financial Services.

To respect client confidentiality, the job title only is included with the real life testimonials below. We thank them for their permission to include these testimonials. Specific references will be provided when appropriate.
"The executive coaching sessions with Gail were consistently focused, efficient, and directly on target... we quickly zeroed in on key strengths and areas of improvement and set to work on practical strategies to begin implementing. Confirming strengths, identifying clearly and precisely areas for development, and implementing a practical plan for improvement were the three most important success factors of the process. Gail's detailed follow up and follow through pushed me to implement changes and her positive encouragement to tackle the areas of development directly... Gail's coaching work has laid a foundation for me to build upon going forward that will ensure I continue to understand and leverage my strengths while improving others leadership competencies that will allow for future success."
Chief Operating Officer (COO) & Vice President (since promoted to CEO)
"Overall, the coaching sessions were excellent... rated 9 to 10 every time. After each session, I felt recharged and renewed... ready to take on the world. I certainly have a better understanding my strengths and talents as well as my development areas. I feel far more confident to effectively lead an organization, achieve target results and, most importantly, to successfully manage and develop a broad range of personality types throughout all areas of the organization."
Vice President, Marketing (since promoted to General Manager)
"Although I have participated in many company sponsored leadership development courses, I achieved a greater sense of self awareness and was able to create a path to personal growth far more effectively after only a few sessions with an Executive Coach. Gail helped me to recognize and more fully exploit my strengths while building my confidence and enhancing my competency in managing and leading a diverse and multi-faceted sales organization. I have been able to lessen my frustrations by creating more positive working relationships which has led to superior corporate performance. Without question, my work with Gail has made me a better person, a more productive... and has prepared me for my next promotion."
Vice President, Sales
"I thoroughly enjoyed my first exposure working with an Executive Coach. Gail's open style, high energy level and sincere enthusiasm were highly motivating and contagious... Gail coached me in identifying my strong, natural inherent skills. I worked with her to strengthen these primary skills and further develop my secondary skills. This included focusing on becoming "less tactical" and "more strategic" in my role as a human resource executive. Gail demonstrated exceptional "follow-through" and captured the key learning in each session. Following each session, I felt "charged up" and continued to build my confidence. I rated each career coaching session 9+ out of 10. Gail is truly dedicated to her profession."
Vice President, Human Resources
"I was the only one of 25 agents who achieved the numbers this year and when we met I was quite behind in achieving my year-to-date numbers. I can see the bigger picture now and feel that I have more control over the current situation than I thought. You saved me many hours... You made it easier for me... enhanced the clarity... You put it all into perspective for me to look at key areas to focus on related to both my work and family life. I liked that you reviewed the overall picture of my job for me to get that under control first and then look at my personal needs to have a greater control over my life - that process really worked well for me. When I think of where my head was last year vs. this year, it is hard to believe the transition. I am more relaxed as time goes on and my blood pressure has reached a normal level. It's obvious you love your work."
General Manager
"I achieved my stretch development goals and was able to turn in a final Executive Summary with high reviews. I was able to work with Finance to broaden my exposure and in fact am currently involved in another acquisition opportunity!"
General Manager, Marketing
"My experience with Gail was excellent and the timing was perfect. I was feeling overwhelmed at home and at work. Gail was able to get me back on track. She identified my strengths and my areas for development. She showed me the importance of being more self-aware, to focus on my priorities and to be more cognizant of the motivations and behaviors of others. As a result, I felt more confident in my abilities, was able to put things into perspective and will be able to clearly identify and achieve my goals. I am more focused... and can clearly work more efficiently. Gail brought her high energy and positive feelings to every session and her attention to detail and excellent feedback has provided me with a template that I will continue to utilize throughout my career. I would rate each coaching session 9 out of 10. Thank you - much appreciated!"
Director of Technical Services
"The coaching sessions were excellent and I rate it 9 out of 10... I am working on my work/life balance and the division of time had a positive impact on my life style. Gail's coaching helped me to recognize my strengths, and understand my areas for development. The assessment tools are very effective and I spend more time planning desired outcomes. I now focus on preparation, what motivates my managers and the results have been excellent. I know the time I spent with Gail has made me a more productive... and effective leader."
Regional Sales Manager
"The coaching sessions surpassed my expectations in terms of quality of content and the ability to generate tangible changes immediately. The coach showed incredible patience, determination and commitment to my long term balanced success. The key learnings that were most meaningful for me were... understanding myself, my strengths and my weaknesses... that people manage situations differently and need to be treated as such. Further, my behavior needs to be tailored to those individuals as my behavior greatly impacts others. I have great and unique strengths that I can build on... areas of development that I now recognize and have tools to deal with them effectively; I must manage my need for control and I have been given the tools to do so; I need to celebrate my successes... aim for balance in my life... I now see the emotional side of people much clearer than I used to."
Senior Brand Manager (promoted to North American Brand Director)
"Gail Voisin is a highly skilled business coach. She has helped me greatly taking my business and life to the next level. Her passion and personal interest sets her apart from others. I heartily recommend her services."
RCGA National Men's Golf Coach (CPGA) & Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher in America
"You are truly an incredible women. I admire and respect your talent, ambition and commitment to the mind, body and spirit. Your help will make a tremendous impact on the rest of my life! Thank you."
Olympic Athlete

Partial List of Clients

  • Armstrong Fluid Technology
  • Benjamin Moore & Co.
  • CTV (The Sports Network)
  • Data Communications Management
  • Harlequin (Torstar)
  • Hubbell Canada LP
  • John Labatt
  • Kraft (General Foods)
  • Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd.
  • MC Commercial (Mabe Canada Inc.)
  • Power Stream Inc.
  • Sobeys (The Oshawa Food Group)
  • Sun Life Financial (Clarica)
  • Trillium Health Care Products, Inc.
  • Unilever Canada (Best Foods)
Gail Voisin Executive Coaching

"A powerful engine, weighing hundreds of tons, keeps the ship moving, but it's the needle of a compass - weighing just a fraction of an ounce - that keeps the ship on course."
Gail Voisin Executive Coaching

Gail Voisin Executive Coaching