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"It sounds fairly simple: merge three important components to create a winning combination. But as any gourmet chef knows, having the right ingredients on hand is just the beginning. Enter Gail Voisin, who, like a Julia Child of the executive coaching world, whips up beautiful and tasty masterpieces. All Together Now is the only recipe you'll need for personal and professional success!"
Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
2 million-selling author of the New York Times best sellers, the Thinkers50 Award Winner (sponsored by Harvard Business Review) for Most-Influential Leadership Thinker in the World.

All Together Now
Vision, Leadership
and Wellness
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Achieving outstanding personal and organizational success in our competitive and chaotic world requires a unique, leading-edge set of skills for executives and leaders in business today. This book is about the importance of aligning vision, leadership, and wellness to achieve extraordinary success - the compelling brand and registered trademark called The All Together Now Advantage®.
Podcast Interview

Listen to author Gail Voisin speaking about her book, All Together Now, interviewed by the CEO of Personal Inside Growth in California, U.S.

Focus on Wellness - Gail Voisin

Mac Anderson, founder of the Simple Truths organization says:

"You have to be, before you do, to have lasting inner peace." In other words, making a living is not the same as making a life.

Find what makes your heart sing and create your own music... Loving what you do is one of the most important keys to living... You can't fake passion. It is the fuel that drives any dream and makes you happy to be alive... one of life's greatest challenges is to match these talents with career opportunities that bring out the best in us. It's not easy - and sometimes we can only find it through trial and error - but it's worth the effort.

What this means is that your heart won't truly sing if you haven't found your passion!
Focus on Wellness - Gail Voisin