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HR Professional Magazine interviewed Gail Voisin, Executive Leadership and Lifestyle / Wellness Coach for their feature cover article - Making Wellness Stick - February 2019 Issue
HR Professional Magazie - Making Wellness Stick

Gail provides superior insights into Corporate Wellness for corporations, executives and leaders.

"Wellness sustains performance and sets employees up for extraordinary success."

"Leaders need to help establish boundaries between work and home life, their social life, sports and hobbies."

"Voisin's model [The All Together Now Advantage®] is unique and makes the case that by aligning vision, leadership and wellness, both personally and organizationally, leaders naturally position themselves and their businesses to achieve extraordinary success."

Making Wellness Stick (HR Professional Magazine, February 2019)

Gail Voisin contributed the following 2 key quotes to a high profile article by McLean & Company on the topic of Designing a High-Value Succession Planning Program
McLean and Company

"In this world of diversity, by choosing assessment tools that are predictive and measure consistently across candidates, data-driven succession planning can assist the organization to avoid bias."

"Style doesn’t predict performance; behavior does."

Gail was delighted to be interviewed by McLean & Company on her expertise in Succession Planning. This article provides global exposure for her organization's leading edge concepts and processes that can be measured and solidly linked to ROI for the organization.

She invites you to connect with her via her Contact Page.

Design a High-Value Succession Planning Program (McLean & Company, 2018)

White Paper Substantiates Corporate Wellness Section and Model of book called All Together Now - Vision, Leadership and Wellness

Ivey Business School at University of Western, London, Ontario, Canada (Shivani Parihar and Michael J. Rouse), conducted a study on a similar topic to the Corporate Wellness section of Gail's book. This White Paper is called Management Behaviors Drive Workplace Wellness Program Result: the SMIL Model (2015).

The document provides evidence/substantiates insights related to Corporate Wellness in Gail's book called All Together Now - Vision, Leadership and Wellness written four years prior to this White Paper. See links below for more details.

Gail Voisin Executive Summary re: White Paper Linked to Model in book All Together Now (Dundurn Press, 2011)

White Paper - Management Behaviours Drive Workplace Wellness Program Results: The SMIL Model (2015)

5 Leadership Force Multipliers: Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Clarity, Vision, & Health

The CEO of RedZone Technology (Baltimore, Maryland) selects innovative thought leaders for his podcast interviews. His audience is Information Technology (IT) Executives. Below is his Podcast Interview with Gail Voisin which includes key insights around the following three areas:

  • Biggest hurdle for IT Executives is Communication Skills & Emotional Intelligence
  • The link to Neuroscience - the edge for future Leadership
  • The importance of Meditation, Mindfulness, and Forgiveness and how learning these skills can help access reserves of resilience.
Article @
Podcast interview on Gail's book called All Together Now - Vision, Leadership and Wellness

"Inside Personal Growth provides listeners with high quality interviews featuring leading authors in the field of personal development." The Host of Personal Inside Growth (San Diego, California) interviews Gail Voisin about the Model she developed called The All Together Now Advantage® addressing its three components - Vision, Leadership and Wellness, linking them to the benefits of an executive's personal and organizational life.

She expands further on how organizational leadership is built on two strong pillars (Strategic Planning and Succession Planning) and why this is so important to the success of the business.

The All Together Now Advantage® Model
The All Together Now Advantage®
Gail Voisin Executive Coaching, 2011
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