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As an executive coach over the past twenty years, I feel honoured and privileged to have worked both one-on-one and in groups with some of the most brilliant and successful executives in a variety of industries in Corporate America and globally. Over these years, I have developed a method which has since become a compelling brand called The All Together Now Advantage®. The diagram above illustrates this Model.

The All Together Now Advantage® makes the case that by aligning vision, leadership, and wellness, both personally and organizationally, you naturally position yourself to achieve extraordinary success in both your personal and business life. It demonstrates that when executives align their personal and organizational vision with their leadership ability and wellness, they can live the life of their dreams.

When understood and practised with commitment, The All Together Now Advantage® has had profound results for the hundreds of corporate executives that I have coached. I believe it can do the same for you! You will achieve greater results while expending less energy. You will also become more resilient for meeting future challenges.

In addition to explaining the power of aligning vision, leadership, and wellness, the book also provides two self-diagnostic tools: one to evaluate how strongly your performance is interconnected to your wellness; the other to help you benchmark and measure your marketability to achieve extraordinary success. It's a compelling journey ‒ not a destination!

Gail Voisin Executive CoachingFrom the Foreword of All Together Now

Dr. John C. Marshall Ph.D., highly regarded Organizational Psychologist states: "I believe Gail has an integrated solution unlike anyone else in the world to date… By incorporating the key information related to vision, leadership, and wellness into an integrated solution, this book will be your guide to maximizing your performance and achieving a healthy, balanced life... All Together Now is a must read for today's corporate executives... The rewards are exceptional. Aligning vision, leadership, and wellness is the foundation to living the life of your dreams."

All Together Now
Vision, Leadership
and Wellness
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Achieving outstanding personal and organizational success in our competitive and chaotic world requires a unique, leading-edge set of skills for executives and leaders in business today. This book is about the importance of aligning vision, leadership, and wellness to achieve extraordinary success - the compelling brand and registered trademark called The All Together Now Advantage®.

Gail Voisin Executive CoachingEndorsement

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
2 million-selling author of the New York Times best sellers, the Thinkers50 Award Winner (sponsored by Harvard Business Review) for Most-Influential Leadership Thinker in the World.

"It sounds fairly simple: merge three important components to create a winning combination. But as any gourmet chef knows, having the right ingredients on hand is just the beginning. Enter Gail Voisin, who, like a Julia Child of the executive coaching world, whips up beautiful and tasty masterpieces. All Together Now is the only recipe you'll need for personal and professional success!"

Podcast Interview

Listen to author Gail Voisin speaking about her book, All Together Now, interviewed by the CEO of Personal Inside Growth in California, U.S.

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